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Hello, we love answering any questions you may have so please feel free to call or message us at any time - if you use Facebook Messenger, just click on the link at the moment right of each page.

So here are some commonly asked questions and answers to them that you'll hopefully find useful.

What happens if a friend or family member won't get out of my armchair?

This is a common problem, we recommend either snuggling up to them, or if this isn't appropriate, having at least two armchairs per household! 

What are the delivering arrangements and costs?

We deliver all over the world and many shipments are free, even to the US and Australia.

Delivery costs are dependent on the amount you order and where you live. We can give an exact quote to you when we know the size of your order, your specific address and any other relevant details such as ease of access.

Can I get free delivery?

We do provide free delivery on many of our orders over a certain size. As a general rule, if you buy one sofa and two armchairs, or two sofas and an armchair, we can usually cover the cost of shipment.

All government based charges such as sales tax or import duty are your responsibility. These vary from State to State in the US.

How long does it take from my order to be ready?

All of our pieces are hand made to order and if you are ordering pieces using our fabrics, we are pleased to say that we can usually have your pieces ready within 2-4 weeks.

If you choose to use your own fabric, it will invariably take a little longer. If we already know the fabric and it is suitable, it may only add a week. If we have never used it before, we will need to see a sample before we can confirm its suitability. You should therefore allow an additional 2 weeks.

Are the covers washable?

Yes, our linen/cotton covers are machine washable and can be washed multiple times as long as you follow the washing instructions. Our cotton velvet is dry cleanable.

Can you send me swatches?

Yes, please message us with the colours you like and your address we will send them to you.

Can I buy spare covers for all pieces?

Yes, we make spare covers for all our pieces. Please email or message us with your needs.

Are your feathers and down ethically sourced?

Yes, we buy from a cruelty-free and ethically sourced supplier. Our down and feather is sourced as a by-product of the global food industry with accreditation from the International Down and Feather Bureau.

Since down and feather products are derived from nature and are environmentally sensitive, the manufacturing of these products leaves a lower carbon footprint than that of synthetic materials.

Is there anywhere I can try a chair or sofa before I buy one?

Yes, if you are in the UK. If you are in the US, Australia or anywhere else, we currently ship our products direct to you. If in the very unlikely event they are not what you had in mind, we will take them back.

If you are in the UK, you are welcome to either come to Kemps House in Sussex, the home of Maker&Son, or to visit our makers near Cheltenham. We can also arrange for one of our delivery team to bring you one of the armchairs to sit in within the comfort of your own home. If any of these options are of interest to you, please contact us.

What's involved in looking after a Maker&Son chair or Sofa?

Our Song range is made entirely from natural materials which include goose down and feathers in all the cushions. We have carefully constructed each cushion with inner pockets, similar to those you'd find in a good quality duvet. These restrict the movement of the feathers, but you will need to plump up the cushions on a regular basis. It's easy to do, but if the idea of this is something that bothers you, please contact us as we can discuss potential alternatives with you as a special order.

Can I have something other than goose down cushions and it still be a natural product?

Yes, we can use natural wool to fill your cushions. Wool filled cushions are of course different from goose down and feathers, so let's have a chat about what you'd like to achieve.

Can you make special sizes?

Yes we can! Please give us a call with whatever request you have and we'll gladly discuss your plans with you.

Can I buy these pieces anywhere else?

Nope, the Song Sofa, Armchair and Footstools are only available via Maker&Son. This enables us to cut out a retailers margin and give you an exceptionally high quality product at a very reasonable price.

Who is behind Maker&Son?

Maker&Son is founded by Alex Willcock and Felix Conran.

Who is Felix Conran?

Felix is a product designer based in London whose work fuses technology and craft. He works with major manufacturers and retailers across numerous areas including furniture design, lighting, luggage, technology and accessories. Felix is proud of his design heritage, being the third generation of the Conran family to work in the field. His grandfather Sir Terence Conran pioneered a new wave in retailing home products and Felix's passion for socially responsible design and manufacture aims to set new boundaries for the industry.

Felix left Central Saint Martins in 2015 and has since worked on various projects with an array of notable retailers and designers, including Heal's, Sackville Leather Company, HP and OHYO. 

Felix aims to combine the convenience of technology and the pleasures and humbleness of slow living, making a more pleasurable lifestyle for everyone. He believes that ultimate sustainability is only needing something once, and so consistently seeks to create products that consumers instantly associate with, that become integrated immediately and stay there forever. 

Who is Alex Willcock?

Alex trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer back in the dark ages of the early 1980's at a place called The John Makepeace School - Parnham House. 

He had a short spell working with Terence Conran and Sean Sutcliffe at Benchmark and left to run a chain of 27 homeware stores in Australia called CountryRoad. After 5 years he fell in love with Sophie Conran and Felix was born in Melbourne just over a year later.

Terence managed to coax Alex and Sophie back to the UK in 1995 and Alex took on the role initially as Buying Director for the Conran Shop as well as developing an extraordinary range of Conran branded products called Conran Collection. It was in this role that Alex employed Russell Pinch, Gail Bryson, Rachel Castle and Genevieve Lansell, the latter two who had been mad enough to join him from Australia.

From 1995 - 2000, Alex and the amazing product team developed literally thousands of products for the Conran Group. Alex, Russell and Rachel went on to found a design and communications agency called The Nest.

Alex founded a digital business called VisualDNA in 2006 that was the first business to combine psychology with Big Data. Employing over 150 people, VisualDNA pioneered research into the connection between psychology and our digital lives. 

With Maker&Son, Alex is combining his love of creativity in all its forms.

How are the prices calculated?

Maker&Son prices represent around a 60% discount from the prices you would typically expect to pay from a good furniture store. 

In simple terms, we are able to sell a very high quality product for a very reasonable price purely because we don't incur the same costs as retailers and we pass these benefits on to you because it seems like the right way to do things.