Harmonious Design: Our Song Sunstone Sofa for Any Style

Sunstone beige Song, pillow edge Large Sofa

We love The Designs Files: ‘A Sophisticated Inner-Melbourne Terrace That Embraces Colour’ written by Lucy Feagins. Read the full article here.


In the lively heart of North Melbourne, Aleksandra Harsic and Jamie McHutchison have created a home that’s bursting with colour and warmth. Among the many delightful pieces that adorn their modern terrace is the exquisite Maker&Son Sunstone beige Song sofa – a central figure in a home that marries style and practicality, even with a young child in tow. 

What we adore about this article from The Design Files is how Aleksandra and Jamie openly acknowledged their polar-opposite design preferences before embarking on their journey to decorate their unique home. Yet, despite their differences, they managed to discover a beautiful middle ground with our Song pillow edge sofa. 

The charm of this piece in their home is undeniable. It’s a testament to the versatility of this design, fabric and colour, effortlessly complementing a range of interiors, no matter the size of the sofa or chair. 

Song short pillow edge loveseat in sunstone beige Italian linen.


For those who relish cosy nooks and good books, our Loveseat is the perfect place for snuggling into pure comfort. If you have a larger family, our Large Sofa and Corner Sofa sizes tend to steal the spotlight, offering ample space for the entire family to come together and unwind. And the best part is all our furniture comes with removable covers, making them super easy to wash. Say goodbye to worries about paw marks or food spills courtesy of the little ones. 

The couple’s perspective perfectly encapsulates our philosophy at Maker&Son. “We’re trying to create a space that isn’t precious, that can be lived in, that feels warm and inviting, but still has very special pieces throughout.” they proclaim. 

Song short pillow edge corner sofa in sunstone beige Italian linen.


If you’re drawn to the Sunstone beige linen, or any of our fabric colours, you can order up to eight swatches online and we will ship them to you, free of charge. Visit our Fabric Sample page for more information. Or feel free to reach out to our friendly team; they’re always available to assist you in choosing the right piece to bring warmth and style to your home. Contact us here

This enchanting tale of design differences turned into harmonious living reminds us of the beauty of finding common ground, even in the most opposite of tastes.