Our Customer’s Own Material Programme (COM)

We are happy to make our furniture in fabric that you provide, for any of our upholstered furniture. Our Customer’s Own Material (COM) Programme enables you to create covers in the look and feel that suits you and your home.

Your Look, Our Furniture

“COM”, or Customer’s Own Material has been widely used by interior designers, but has more recently become a creative option for consumers. Perhaps you already have a fabric you love, or can’t find anything suitable within our range. We can help find the best way to work with what you love, or advise why a particular material won’t be possible.

Some Considerations

There are always practicalities to consider such as type of material, meterage/yardage required, pattern matching or repeat as well as treatment for shrinkage or fire retardancy. These are just a few, but we have a lovely team to help you, and can send our COM Guide full of typical questions and an overview of the process.

Customer Examples

Many of the pieces we share include patterns from Christopher Farr Cloth. We love their palette and joyful approach as well as commitment to the finest materials, traditional craftsmanship and that all designs are hand-printed in the UK. We love seeing what our customers choose for COM, to see examples follow us on Instagram.

Getting Started

The process begins with a conversation and your material sample. Once we have the fabric, we’ll provide a quote as well as the amount of fabric required. There are guidelines to follow for best results, so we’ll make sure to talk through everything with you.