Diversity & Inclusion policy

We are a family run business and our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to employing a diverse range of team members; your background, ethnicity, perspective and culture all contribute to the rich fabric of Maker&Son and we would love the opportunity to harness your creativity.



Our vision is to create beautiful things that make a positive difference to people’s lives and will last a lifetime. We strive to make a positive difference to the lives of those who work with us and to our environment. We seek to provide all team members with a wonderful work environment where all are treated fairly and consistently. We look to promote respect and dignity and will challenge discrimination, wherever it may arise.

Maker&Son are a fast-growing luxury furniture business. We design and make the world’s most comfortable chairs, sofas and beds, entirely from natural materials. We’re an ambitious, young company, with a vision to become a globally recognised brand, changing the face of luxury home retail.

This policy sets out Maker&Son’s approach to ensuring equality and diversity within the workplace.



1. Recruitment

We do our best to ensure that all positions advertised by Maker&Son are available to all. During the short-listing of potential candidates we consider all applications fairly. Our recruitment process includes a skills assessment and all candidates are asked to provide both a covering letter and a CV; we read all applications and any accompanying material that may contain information to support a candidate’s application. First consideration is given to applicants who complete all the tasks as requested, regardless of age, ethnicity or any other discriminatory factors.

2. Breaking down barriers

As a small, independent business, we are able to take a flexible approach to employment. We will do our best to address and accommodate any adjustments to how, or when an individual performs their duties as difficulties or challenges arise. Wherever possible we will remove barriers that may cause an individual difficulty within the workplace. It is our goal that all members of the team feel valued for their contributions.

3. Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all team members, regardless of whether they have a part time role, full time post, are a contractor, intern or on a temporary contract. All employees are aware of this policy and are vigilant in its execution. All line managers, Directors and the HR team are fully supportive of this policy and are expected to adhere to it in all they do.

4. How far does this policy reach?

This policy covers all conduct within the office environment, as well as outside of the office during social engagements at which team members are present Selection for employment will be based on aptitude and ability only We may ask team members to attend training sessions regarding this policy All promotions are based on merit only. Promotion opportunities will be monitored to ensure equality of opportunity at all levels. The benefits, terms and conditions of employment and the supply of facilities are reviewed from time to time to ensure inclusivity.

5. Disciplinary measures

Any allegations of discrimination will be treated with confidence and victims can be assured they will face no victimisation as a result. Those who falsely accuse will also be dealt with appropriately and may face disciplinary action as a result. If, at any point a team member feels they have been discriminated against, we encourage them to seek a private conversation with their Line Manager, a member of the HR team, or one of the Directors. We will always attempt to resolve any issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

6. Our commitment

We are fully committed to ensuring a healthy and enjoyable working environment for all staff regardless of sex, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and/or belief, and age. As far as possible we endeavour to consider all situations and we constantly strive to develop staff skills. We encourage our team members to fulfil their potential and to take advantage of any development opportunities that may arise.

This policy is for guidance purposes only.