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Just over two years and our dream continues to grow...
February 18, 2020

A simple dream, that’s how Maker&Son started – a dream to make beautiful furniture that would make a positive difference to people’s lives and would last forever. When we started the business in February 2019, we did so on the belief that there were other people just like us in the world - people looking for truly comfortable furniture that was only made from natural materials.


Here we are, two years later and the dream continues to resonate. What an extraordinary journey - filled with twists and a few turns along the way - as we find ourselves in early 2020 looking after a business that is growing in both the UK and Australia, but also launching in New York City. We opened our first showroom in the US just a few months ago and we are ecstatic with the response we are having from our US customers, as well as the US Vogue team who chose to write about us in this lovely article.


What is it about our dream that seems to resonate across three very different continents? We think it’s quite simple actually…In fact, it’s actually quite difficult to find a truly, genuinely comfortable sofa.


We keep hearing this from our customers, many who have been searching for a sofa that feels as good as it looks. So, we keep building our furniture to be as comfortable as possible, with no compromise on quality. People sink into our furniture, and find themselves able to relax in ways that rarely seem possible in today’s busy world. We know that relaxation is both physical as well as mental, and that’s what makes a really positive difference to our customers, and that’s the bit that sets apart.


We find ourselves in a broken industry. Furniture seems to be ever cheaper, ever more seemingly replaceable. As soon as design trends change, so does the furniture. Landfills are at breaking point, and customers are looking for solutions, for something different from the homeware businesses. Very few of us are making natural - completely natural - furniture, ready to last a lifetime.

Our first range of furniture has been designed to work within and withstand busy family homes. Homes full of children, dogs, and muddy shoes need furniture with loose covers. We make our covers easy to remove and clean at home (apart from our velvet, which must be dry cleaned), so that our sofas and chairs will continue to look lovely for longer. Our customers can relax, and enjoy their beautiful furniture without the worry of stains, spills and scuffs.


We’re happy that our beliefs are resonating, and we are grateful when customers and discerning journalists choose to share our dream. Here’s what US Vogue have had to say, and whether you “splash” or glide into a Maker&Son sofa, or even couch, we’re confident you’ll land very happily indeed.

Looking forward to more excitement in 2020, we are off to a great start...



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