Our Extraordinary Fabrics

We pride ourselves on considering every single detail, and choosing the right fabric is an integral and joyous part of the design process. We have carefully selected the materials, colours and tones (and the partners that provide them) to best reflect our values.

100% LINEN

Top of the line

Or, should we say top of the Linen? Exceptionally soft, and unbelievably durable, our 100% Linen is timeless in its beauty and practicality. Offering a beautiful drape, our 100% Linen weighs nearly one kilogram per square metre of fabric, showcasing linen in its finest, most natural form.

One of the greatest aspects is that we pre-shrink our linens, making them fully washable at home. We truly believe that furniture is designed for living, so in case of stain or accident, simply remove and wash.

Gordon P.
Feb. 2020

Received my Song sofa, Armchair and Footstool today and I’m completely blown away with it. Top craftsmanship 5 stars from me.

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Not just stunningly beautiful to work with, but our 100% Linen is truly special. Completely natural, linen is created entirely from the stems of the flax plant, offering one of the strongest natural fibres available. We love it because it’s wonderfully comfortable and immensely adaptive to the rigours and beauty of every day family life.


Cosy Convenience

Whether you love it for its distinctive texture, sturdy reliability, tilted nod to bohemian nostalgia or even its royal lineage… there’s no doubt that our furniture loves Corduroy for its exceptional cosiness.

Our Corduroy is woven in Italy by a specialist family company that has been using the same traditional techniques for decades. Made from Italian cotton yard, it’s completely natural and is beautifully soft with a traditional ribbed texture. One of the many beautiful features of Corduroy is that it looks different from different angles, depending on the light source. We love that it helps you see your beautiful furniture in a new light every day.

A. Dunlop
Dec. 2019

As I recline here on my Maker & Son Song sofa, upholstered in a beautiful French blue corduroy, I feel incredibly comfortable. Immersed as I am in padded luxury I try hard to resist sleeping . Such comfort, well done Maker & Son. Impeccable personal service and attention to detail. I look forward to many comfortable evenings !

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With a signature texture and richness you can only get from Corduroy, this noble yet relaxed fabric brings a contemporary dressed-up dressed-down look to any room. Even better, this all-time nostalgic favourite is also completely washable at home.


Our Original Material

It’s soft yet durable, super strong and entirely natural. What’s not to love about our very first and most requested fabric in our collection?

Our Linen/Cotton is made in Yorkshire from Italian linen yarn and English spun cotton. With its naturally soft feel, linen is ideal if you’re seeking a relaxed, timeless look. We’ve blended linen with cotton to provide more elasticity, which reduces how easily it wrinkles, and makes it easy to clean. Adding cotton also enables us to achieve a larger colour selection. The most wonderful part, thanks to the beautiful combination of the two, is that we can offer a wide range of colours that don’t fade easily. Most importantly, our Linen/Cotton makes an extraordinarily comfortable pairing.

Sandra B.
Jan. 2020

Really loved the care, attention, service, and the overall experience with Maker&Son.

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A beautifully clever combination of fabrics that is strong yet exceptionally smooth, soft, naturally and lustrous whilst durable and exceedingly comfy. Our Linen/Cotton fabric is simply made for cosy times every single day of the year.


Luxuriously soft

Nothing says colour with depth and enthusiasm like velvet, offering a lustrous sheen that reflects the light beautifully in a room. We think any colour looks a hundred times more ravishing in velvet.

Built to last, we adore our Velvet as well as the Italian, family-run company that weave it from 100% natural cotton yarn. We offer colours in both long pile as well as short pile, which refers to the fibres that stick up from the upholstery backing. The pile is what gives Velvet such a plush, soft touch, and each provides a slightly different looks. The depth of the pile will show a colour more intensely.

Luisa O.
Aug. 2019

The most gorgeous sofa you could ever invest in. Fantastic care and attention to detail, the quality and comfort levels are divine! Do it, spoil yourself and your home!

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Transcending trend, our Velvets style absolutely beautifully. Some say they are famous for their glamour and richness, but we love Velvet for the relaxation and utter cosiness when you sink into cushions dressed in warmth.


Exclusive and practical

Cotton is not only one of the most popular fibres in the world today, but it is completely natural and biodegradable.

We have chosen a range of colours in Denim that are currently available exclusively to our customers in the AUS. Since cotton is grown in abundance across the country, we find it completely natural to support our local partners as well as local materials.

Oct. 2019

If you are looking for a wonderful buying experience and you want to treat yourself to something quite special you have come to the right place. The sofas are comfortable and really practical (can wash them at home). The staff are a professional, courteous and nothing is too much trouble.

Simply clean, fresh and natural, how can we be describing anything but 100% natural cotton… it’s durable and breathable which makes relaxation even easier.


Use Your Fabric

Perhaps you already have your own material in mind for your furniture… that’s no problem. We are very happy to make our sofas, chairs and beds with the fabric of your choice. We’ll provide you with measurements to ensure you have enough to cover the piece(s). All we ask is that you provide a sample so that we can test its worthiness as upholstery fabric. We can also offer advice about suitability and potential shortfalls.

Many customers, especially interior designers love this option, since rooms and schemes and colour palettes and harmonies have already been planned by the time they fall in love with the look, and of course the comfort of Maker&Son furniture.

Sep. 2019

The Song Sofa was delivered on time, is exceptionally comfortable and was actually made in two parts to accommodate a challenging access issue to our London Flat. Dealing with Maker and Son from order to delivery was extremely reassuring.

The Song Sofa was delivered on time, is exceptionally comfortable and was actually made in two parts to accommodate a challenging access issue to our London Flat. Dealing with Maker and Son from order to delivery was extremely reassuring.

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