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Who we are

“We started Maker&Son with a simple dream - to create beautiful things from natural materials that make a positive difference to people’s lives and that will last forever.

We launched our website in January 2018, after two years of work developing the products we dreamed of...but the journey really started 30 years ago when Alex first started working in furniture design. Over three decades, Alex has worked with teams designing hundreds of chairs and sofas for various retailers and the key thing he’s learned is that the most popular pieces are always the most comfortable.

Finding time to properly relax, in both mind and body is as difficult today as it’s ever been. Our furniture is designed to enable you to relax at home in a way you may never have truly experienced.

We're from a big family and we wanted to create furniture for our home that would be as comfy as nestling in to a bed of pillows and that would still cope with the practicalities of everyday life. Our Song range delivers just this.

We run the business from our home in England - Kemps House was originally built in the 1670s and is a constant source of inspiration for us, along with the surrounding countryside - as you can see from much of our photography.

Maker&Son is a family run business with a dedicated team of wonderful people who are all completely committed to delivering your perfect furniture. So if you're interested in learning more, just click on Contact Us and fill in some details and we'll be in touch really soon"  

Alex and Felix

Meet the Founders


Alex trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer back in the early 1980s. He started his retail career running a chain of 27 homeware stores in Australia called CountryRoad. Coming back to the UK in 1995, Alex took on the role of Buying Director for the Conran Shop as well as developing a huge range of products for the Conran Collection. In 2000, he set up his own design and communications agency called The Nest, going on to found a digital business called VisualDNA in 2006. With Maker&Son, Alex is returning to his design roots and his love of creativity in all its forms.


Felix is a designer and artist working across an array of disciplines including fashion, painting, pottery, cooking, and furniture design. Felix is proud of his design heritage, being the third generation of the Conran family to work in the field. His grandfather pioneered a new era in retailing home products, a family tradition that he is continuing with Maker&Son.