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Your new sofa, chair or bed can come in 100% Italian linen, velvet, linen/cotton or corduroy, all of which provide a slightly different look and feel while always being incredibly soft and versatile. Browse our sofa fabric types here and select your preferred fabric.

Our 100% Linen

Woven exclusively for us in Florence, Italy, our new 100% Linen fabric feels truly luxurious and is also highly practical. With a beautiful drape and soft touch, this linen weighs almost one kilogram per square metre. We’ve treated this range to reduce creasing (a common aspect of linen fabrics); it's pre-shrunk and tumbled at the mill, making it fully machine washable at home. It comes in a palette of carefully selected colours from a rich, dark Teal to light Aquamarine and a completely neutral biscuit tone.

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Our Linen/Cotton

Our linen/cotton is made in Yorkshire from Italian linen yarn and English spun cotton. With its subtle depth of colour and naturally soft feel, it is ideal for anyone seeking a relaxed and timeless look. Browse through our linen/cotton upholstery furniture to find sofas, chairs, beds and more, all made by hand using only natural materials

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Our Corduroy

100% natural and incredibly comfortable, our handmade Corduroy furniture is designed to be both practical and beautiful. With its signature texture, Corduroy brings a relaxed yet contemporary feel to any room and is machine washable at home. Our Corduroy is made from Italian cotton yarn and is woven at a family run mill in Italy using traditional techniques.

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Our Velvet

Our Velvet is made from 100% cotton and is a great choice to bring a touch of understated glamour to your home. It is luxuriously soft to the touch and comes in a wide range of gorgeous colours. Our covers can be dry cleaned, which makes our Velvet furniture more practical than most, which means you can consider it even for a busy, family home.

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Brushed Cotton

Produced with love and skill by a Lancashire family of longstanding weavers since 1815, our brushed cotton is new but already much in demand by our customers with busy lives who don’t wish to forgo the luxury of the soft touch. Supremely tactile, you could be forgiven for not believing just how practical this fabric really is.

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